Anyone heard of Minnesota Audio Labs?

Does anyone know anyhting about the products put out by this company? Quality of build, Sound?
Hi. I recall hearing one of their tube amps at the Hi Fi
Show in Las Vegas about 3-4 years ago. They were playing it
through the original Von Schweikert VR-4's. I recall that the sound was very good. There was ample bass and warmth. That is the only time I heard the product, but left with
positive thoughts. Hopes this helps. Ben
Jfh, I bought the amp Ben heard. It is a very nice warm smooth amp. Not extremely open but good top end. I still have the amps (mono blocks) because I have no idea how to sell them. Minnesota Audio Labs went out of bussiness about a year after I bought them. I had some later biasing problems with a bad replacement tube and finally simply gave up on them. I bought a Plinus 100mk and never looked back. If you want to fiddle with these let me know.