Anyone heard of Martin Logan's new speaker

Saw an advertisement for the Martin Logan Clarity Electrostatic speaker in a home theater magazine. Not on there website. It is a panel with solid wood round enclosure around the bottom half. Pretty impressive looking.
Which magazine and month?
January 2003. Sound and Vision. Page 68. Steve
I looked on page 68 and there is a Meridian ad. In the advertising section it says Martin Logan - page 68 - but it also says Meridian page 68 .
It is on page 68!! No Meridian there. Steve
My copy has Meridian there - it is weird. Honest. What page is the Merdian ad on in your copy?
Copy I just looked at has a Meridian ad on pg. 68 as well. A look at the manufacturer's index toward the back DOES say that the ML ad is on 68! Must be two editions of this pub in circulation. No surprise there though ;)
No Meridian ad in my copy of Sound and Vision just Martin-Logan's picture of the "Clarity Speaker". I e-mailed ML about this speaker and no response. Steve
It's in their website.
Has anyone listened to them yet? I'd have bought Odyssy or Prodigy by now but they are too darned big due to the bass cabinet. I've wished for a while that they would come up with a subwoofer-oriented solution. Is that how they are positioning this Clarity line? It's got limited bass...
Word on the street: Audio King no longer carries Logan...any info on closeouts?
Yes I did hear the prodigy,oddyssey,ascent,they are
very good, the bass is much improve,overall they did a
very good job.but the price is a little higher but
its worth it.They are built nicer, they put some
i think metal support,I agree they are beautiful.