Anyone heard of lumley tube amps??

Has anybody heard of Lumley tube amps? Are they still in business? thanks in advance
The name is/was Grant-Lumley. I believe they were British.
Some of the Lumley tube amps are sweet sounding units and excellent in driving Quads. I believe the smaller amps used EL-34 tubes.
I heard of this company,but good luck if you can find any amps by them as the Asians got a hold of most of the amps and shipped them out overseas.Even had the oppurtunity to hear one.
I have a pair of M-100s. Bought them from Ray Lumley in 1984. Lumley and Grant were together first and produced the Grant Lumley amp. After the split Grant made the Grant amp and Ray produced the Lumley. Sweet tube sound.
They were in business until 1993 (I saw their ads until then). Since 1993 I have not seen any ads. Can I help you with anything regarding them?

thanks for the info. I was looking at one that was used awhile ago. I just some peoples opinions about them