Anyone heard of LAT International Cables

Has anyone heard of and/or had experience with them?
Yes, I use them for all of my cable needs. Excellent build quality. I highly recommend them.
I use their AC-2 power cords, they sound great and are unbeaten for quality vs price. Heavy gage silver over copper wire, teflon and polypropylene isolation quality Hubbell hospital grade plugs, what do you want more for around $100.00? I had compared with XLO, MIT, Space & Time, etc and they were the more neutral. I use them everywere in my system: Classé, Wadia etc. A «best buy».
I don't have any, but Steve McCormack of McCormack Audio recommends the LAT power cord for his amps as a good sounding, high quality cord at reasonable price. I intend to try them. Craig
I've been using LAT cables in my own system & inside the speakers I build, the amps, preamps, etc. that I rebuild/modify for about ten years now. Except for the digital cable that I make, none of LAT's top cables can be beat, in my experience, for less than ten times the price, and often not at any price. I absolutely love them.
Stephen Sank, Champlain Valley Speaker Company
I use the LAT DI-20 Mk2 Digital Cable ($100 for 1M). Very satisfied.
All of the power cords in my system are LAT, as are both runs of speaker cables. My interconnects are a mixture of LAT and Homegrown Silver Lace. Great performance at real world prices. There is no reason to spend megabucks on drastically overpriced wire when you can get this kind of quality from these two companies.