Anyone heard of Angstrom Reflexions?

Anybody know anything about Angstrom Reflexion's? Someone is selling them on LetGo for $200. I'm looking to get floor speakers to replace my Revel M12 bookshelves that I got for about $250 (I think a steal), with about the same budget. Going to try to listen to them first, but I can't find much recent reviews of them, although they seemed to be very good when they were made. I love the Revels, and while I'm not actively looking to get rid of them, seeing an opportunity to get possibly excellent floorstanders for the same amount, or less, is very appealing. But I wouldn't want them if they had less quality than the revels, even if they had a wider freq. response.
They are good. $200 is a no brainer if they are working fine.
Fine Canadian speaker with good drivers and a good design/build.
Specs and capsule review
I have a pair of these, they are great speakers. I have been powering them with a B&K 202+ 
amp that may be overkill, I think they are 6 ohm and are easy to drive. One caution I've blown 
the tweeters out twice by playing them very loud. The tweeters are not available, and the replacements that I found sound very different that the originals. Stereophile had them as class B sometime in the early 90s.or late 80s.