Anyone heard of a Pro-ject Audio, Pro-Ject 7 Amp?

Pro-ject Audio Pro-ject 7 amp
It has 2 tape inputs, a phono stage, 2 aux inputs, and
a CD input. Gold RCA jacks.
I believe it is older, maybe 90s but I'm guessing.
The controls are hidden thumb wheels under the front glass or plexiglass plate with white screened lettering on a black background.
Says Made in the Czech Republic on the back.
Never made it to the US market but was talked up
in Europe.
Anyone know how many watts this amp puts out or have any info
on it?
It sounds great BTW!
I have just got one, and it's really, really good. I had a Cyrus 2 before which I thought was good, but I am hearing all sorts of new things in my music now. It's quite a restrained amp, not as punchy or bright as the Cyrus 2, but the overall sound is impressive, particularly the midrange (I am using Dynaudio bookcase speakers so can't comment much on the bass). Top end is a little uncontrolled, but it's a lovely amp and not bad at all for £95 from Oxfam!

Very little info about it on the web, I guess it's a bit of an oddity.