Anyone heard new Zu Union 6?

The new Zu union 6 has been out a month or so now. Anyone heard a pair yet?


Thanks for the feedback on this thread. I have started looking at high efficiency speakers to go with tube amps. I have narrowed my search down to Tekton Perfect Set, Zu Union 6 and Omega XR8. Also, giving consideration to Heresy IV, but am interested in the full range driver options. I have a Decware UFO2 on order, but it could be a year before I see that. In the meantime I’m debating between some other tube amps like the Willsenton R8 or R300B, Black Ice Audio F11, or Cayin CS-55a. 

I’m probably overthinking this entire scenario and will likely be happy with whatever I choose. My lack of experience with these brands and the limited feedback available in the wild on them  is probably what’s causing my hesitation. But thanks again for sharing your experience with speakers.


@mindhead1 owning both the Zu and Onegas, you can’t go wrong either way. Vs the zu union, the omegas will be a little more forgiving at the expense of a bigger more immersive sound. 

the best part of the zu for you is they have several pairs discounted in their “ready to ship” section. You get a 60 day return period on them. Get them. Break them in for a month, then spend a couple weeks decided if the zu is for you. 

louis omegas are usually around 3 months out, since he’s a one man shop, but you get a beautiful speaker at a very good price. Unless you can find what you want used, which can be difficult. I’ll be putting mine up soon. 

How would you say the midrange is on the Zu's?  Is it more neutral or does it have a nice lush textured sound?  How to strings sound with them?

Hi @jwglista It's always hard to explain, but I'd put it between neutral and lush. in my system I feel the midrange is the most natural/live of any of my recent speakers. Female vocals are eery and can hear breathing, raspiness (if it exist in the voice). 

I'll have to do some testing with strings, and I don't listen to classical and haven't paid much attention specifically to strings.

Reading through kray's Union6  experience with interest. I have the Omen Defs and have similar experiences regarding how sensitive they are to equipment and wire changes. To me it has been well worth the experimentation to find the perfect symmetry.I went from Harbeths to ZUs and now am seriously addicted to the big live sound.Don't want to hijack the thread, but one thing to think about is that it took forever to to find the exact positioning,which ended up being totally different than any other speakers ever.One of them is actually toed out slightly. Bizarre.I'll continue to read y'alls experiences and be quiet now :-)