Anyone heard new Mach II versions of Acoustic Zen?

Has anyone heard the new Mach II versions of the Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference or Silver Reference?

Have you compared them directly to their previous cables?


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I have some coming this week. Will be comparing to my version I and the Valhalla.

any comments on your mach II versions?

I sent in a pair of my silver reference interconnects for upgrading to mark II recently, hoping the newer version would fix the brightness that occured when I switched preamps. Well I am happy to say they sound nice and smooth, won't have to replace them after all. Best hundred bucks I have spent in a while.
The version II has more midbass but a tad less air. Depends on the system as to which one is best. Very good though. Huge improvement over the cables I auditioned a year ago.
or all the new products. THX
I was referring to the interconnects. We have been "cooking" the speaker cables and will be doing a listening session this weekend with 5 of my customers. These guy have ears like a dog:)
If any of them start barking, let us know immediately !

Lets us know your results. Thanks.