Anyone heard new Jason Vieaux CD?

Sounds interesting, classical guitar interpretations of Pat Metheny tunes. Read a review in new TAS (March 06). Jason Vieaux-"Images of Metheny", Azica 71233. Couldn't find it listed on any of my usual CD sources so I've ordered it from the record label. Interested in your impressions if you've heard it. Thanks!
He's a terrific guitarist, I will have to look for this one.
Jason Vieaux has distilled the beauty of these Pat Metheny songs for solo classical guitar while maintaining their essence. As an admited Metheny fan I'm familiar with all these compositions but Vieaux infuses them with a new perspective, some with a baroque flair and others with a distinctive jazzy flavor, while never loosing sight of their origin. There's no question that this guy is a virtuoso on his instrument and he effectively uses his virtuosity to serve the music. Perfect music for relaxation, contemplation or reflection. The liner notes include an enthusiastic endorsement by Pat himself. If you're a Pat Metheny fan, a classical or baroque guitar enthusiast or just plain enjoy superbly played guitar music, you should consider purchasing this CD.
Very nicely recorded, although I would have preferred just a bit more air. But that's just nit-picking an excellent production!
Note: Might be tough to find. I ordered direct from Azica Records in Cleveland OH.