Anyone heard Motif Amps done by CJ

Has anyone heard or owned Motif Amps, made by Conrad Johnson in the 80s. How did you like them
I Have not heard them myself, but if you contact Jeff at Jeffs Sound Values here on audiogon he should be able to help.
Yes I am familiar with them. They were very high end solid state amps and preamps manufactured from about 1986 to 1992. I still have a Motif MC-8 Preamp. Has separate MC & MM phono inputs. It was near the "lower end" of the line and retailed for $2225. The MC=6 was dual mono preamp. Has totally separate right and left channel. (Two separate cases joined at the middle with separate power supply like you get with Sonic Frontiers/Anthem Tube Preamps. The Power Amps started with the MS-50 (50watt). I am familiar with the MS-100 (100Watt) which listed for $3500 I highly recommend them if you can find them used. If you contact Conrad Johnson customer service by E-Mail or Phone and give them a fax number, they will be happy to fax you copies of the old brochures and magazine reviews. Good Luck.
I owned both the Motif pre-amp and the MS100. Nothing to write home about. The preamp does have a phono section if you need one.
Never listened to the Motif Pre and Power Amps together. Still have the Motif MC-8 Preamp linked to the CJ MF2100 Power Amp.