Anyone heard Krell speaker cables

I've seen a few Krell speaker cables for sale here, but no information on them anywhere -- none on Krell site or using a Google search. Has anyone heard these? What are they like?
I have not heard the NEW Krell speaker cables.

The ones that are no longer in production are the Path and the minipath.

I am only familiar with the Path (I used for over 10 years) which are excellent but in my system were bettered by the XLO 5.

I owned 'MiniPath' speaker cables. A very nice product 'in its time' but not worth the ebay prices. I feel you can do much better with less money.

On the other hand, I still use Krell interconnects in my system specifically Cogelco Yellow balance and unbalanced cables. Every so often I will bring in some new cables for audition and possible upgrade/replacement. As yet, no other cables have sounded convincingly better. Surprising considering these cables are over ten years old.

Both cables were used for lengthy periods in a Krell/Apogee system.