Anyone heard Jena Labs cables?

They look very interesting. I could never afford their IC's/speaker cables...but their jumpers are only $80!!!(<:
I have had several Jena cables in the past, they offer a very smooth and laid back presentation.
I have the Jena Trinity ic's. I have been using them almost a year now. Theynare the XLR/Balanced variety of cable which I have used from pre to amp as well as source to pre locations. I have been very satisfied with these cables in all situations. They sacrifice very little detail and present a smoothing and warm tonality to the soundstage. The one time I felt a bit of loss in the resolution and detail i simply switched tubes and was again satisfied.
I have a Gemini digital cable that is very well made and the sound is smooth. I did go to a silver cable that had a bit more detail. Good listening