Anyone heard Infinity Kappa 200 bookshelf speakers

I saw these beautifully made book shelf speakers at a local store and what immediately caught my attention was how deep the cabinets are designed for a book shelf speaker. They are made in Denmark. Took a pair of demos home to try out and preferred the sound to my B&W CDM 1NT's. I was thinking of getting a sub for the B&W's as much as I hate subs but with these I don't think I would need one since they go much deeper. I did a search on the internet and found pretty much nothing on these speakers. I also looked for magazine reviews and found nothing there either. Am I the only person around who has noticed these and thinks they are wonderful little speakers?
Yep. I heard the Beta's, asked the salesperson about the closeout Kappa model, then purchased the Kappa's (sight unseen) on the spot. The price was right due to closeout of the model. This made my decision much easier. Now I have the Intermezzo sub to go with them (a bit of overkill I think, but what the heck) and I look forward to many years satisfaction with these units. Factors helping me to make the decision were 1) Sound, 2)Price, 3) good looks.
I agree...the Kappa 200 is a real sleeper of a standmount....I too auditioned them and came away very only nitpick...tweeter reproduction could be a little hot with wrong electronics...but this could apply to a variety of speakers...but as you touched quality and overall sound is very good...I would rate these above quad 12Ls and comparable B&W as well...