Anyone Heard Herbies Interconnect?

I've recently discovered Herbies, and spoken to him. I
was surprised with his 90 day trials. I've already got
ebony under my gear, so I didn't buy anythin. but when
i revisited his site I saw he'd got an interconnect.
I've participated in a thread about Grunge Busters and
it seems like many folks think he's a good
guy. So I was wondering about the interconnect. He says
it's the first he'd call his lab cable, and there's a
great review by John from the Cable Company there as
well. I was wondering if anyone has tried this and what
they've thought. I got tied up in a small secondary
system (Denon 5 disk DVD and Wadia 21-- the D/A is now
for sale) so i wasn't able to go $500 for the wire. But
the review by John says it's hot for the 8-12 hundered
market. Thoughts? Anyone heard it? It's only RCA, does
that mean anything? I've also wanted to try Nirvanna,
but have tried all of the Audiogon companies with some
disappointments and some smiles.
I am lovin' the Herbies stuff. Just got a shipment yesterday.

Haven't tried the interconnect though. I probably would have at some point, but my system requires balanced connections.
so what's the big deal to try them? you got 90 days to decide and the return shipping shouldn't be that much.

As an aside, at this price I would also recommend to try a used pair of Acoustic Zen Silver reference MkII. You may get a 1m of AZ here at about $500. Compare AZ with Herbies and keep the pair you liked the most. If not AZ, you can turn them around and not loose anything. or keep the AZ and return Herbies.
originally questioning if anyone heard them, stated I
didn't have $'s at this time. sorry. I like the
gold/silver sound I've heard so far. Just gold alone is
a little dull, silver can be a bit harsh. I've tried
other gold/silver cables and thought they had great
potential if only they could sound bigger.
I just tried Nirvana S-L XLR interconnects and thought they were really good. They didn't beat my AZ Silver Ref MkII, but had excellent resolution and soundstaging that came very close to performance of the Silver Ref.