Anyone heard Harbeth HL5s with Nuforce?

About to purchase Super 5s and want to upgrade electronics soon - currently using old Onkyo integrated. Anyone heard Nuforce 9s pushing these or other Harbeths? If not, how about your suggestion for SS amp for these? Budget of $2,500 new or used. Thanks in advance for your reply.
Hey. Give Audio Research some consideration. I used a 100.2 and SP16 to drive my Harbeth Compact 7's with fabulous results. A little more expensive would be some of the more powerful Naim amps like the NAP 250. I wouldn't go lower than this with the HL5's. Good luck--they are GREAT speakers.
Harbeths are not all that picky about amplifrication (I have HL5's myself). Plinius has always been a popular combination with Harbeth. You could get a used 9200 integrated within your budget.

The Nuforce would be very interesting to try. If you do, please let us know how it goes.
This is a fantastic combination - heard it at an audio friends and bought teh Nuforces for my Audio Physic Virgos. Clear, clean and transparant as all get out, with bass slam that will suprise you. Go for it - there's nothing better at this price point!
I have been using the AR SP-15 and AR 150.2 with the Harbeth 7's and have been very happy with the results. The AR 150.2 can be had new for $2500.
Thanks all for the valued input. I live 5+ hours from anything you'd consider an "audio" store so I don't have the luxury of being able to audition anything in my home. The only auditioning I get to do is when I'm traveling on business. Anyone else with Harbeth 5s want to chime in?
I have their little brother, C7, and used a Plinius SA50mkIII which was quite nice. Am now using an EAR 890 70 wt tube amp and love it.
Getting around to this a little late, but I have a friend's Nuforce 8s driving my SHL5's right now and I think I may buy a pair of these amps (or maybe the 9s). The combo seems a bit bright and the bass is light, but the clarity and tonal purity of the sound is so extraordinary that I may be able to overlook those shortcomings. And I may be able to solve them with tweaking. Detail, attack, naturalness, tonal color...all are terrific.

The Nuforce amps seem particulary fussy about cables, so you need to be prepared to experiment.

I also have a Plinius 9200 here.
I have the HL 5's connected to the Nuforce 9.02 and they sound great. Great dynamics, clarity and sound stage. I am very happy with this combination.
harbeths are not real choosy of amplications. i heard from several dealers a variety of amps.

Plinius is very popular,Naim audio, McCormack, Bat amplification & PS Audio amplifiers.

each amp has its own sound, system synergy would play an important role