Anyone heard Glenn Frey's New Album, After Hours?

Last night I was channel surfing and there was Glenn Frey (of Eagles Fame) singing, 'The Shadow of Your Smile', in a hauntingly beautiful arrangement with really, really high quality guys around him.
IMHO Glenn is not blessed with golden pipes...he's more of a stylist...but, BUT, I liked 'Shadow' enough to buy the album.
I've listened to it and can give it a full recommendation. Not as an audiophile thing of beauty, but from a musical perspective.
He does all old standard tunes...and kudos to he and his team for putting together a really high quality album of BEAUTIFULLY ARRANGED and played songs.
Glenns voice aside (personal taste there, but he's not a crooner), the album is a winner.

I got this on Tuesday when it was released. I've listened to it several times through and agree. Glenn has an excellent, (but aging voice). The songs he choose to cover, work well with his talent.

This album reminds me of the first Michael McDonald "Motown" album and the first couple of Rod Stewart's "Great American Songbook".
Thanks Mo...
Yeah, lots of artists seem to pay homage to the classics at some point.
I agree with your assessment. Nobody will ever accuse (in my opinion) Frey of having dulcet tones, or a beautiful voice...but the arrangements make this a good bet, again IMHO.

I like it and recommend it.