Anyone Heard Denny Jiosa ??

Just received his "Moving Pictures" cd yesterday, this guy covers jazz, blues, rock and flamenco styles. I'm really blown away with his technique, it stays "musically interesting" without getting "predictably boring" as some things do.
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Yes. I have his "Moving Pictures" CD and his "Jazzberry Pie" CD which came out in 1998. Very good music from an excellent guitarist.
He also played with Kevin Bacon in '' Lethal Connection III''
Yes, Denny is a very good musician. I have 'moving pictures', 'inner voices', 'jazzberry pie', 'among friends', and 'body2body'. All keep you interested from the first song right through to last song.

Check out his other cds,
I now have the same five cd's Lngbruno has, and even my wife says this stuff is REALLY WAY COOL, and it is. Just wish I'd found it earlier, but I'm really glad I have it now ! Thanks guys!
Great stuff. I have Body 2 Body and Jazzbeery Pie. His music does keep you focus not only on him, but the rest of the musicians as well. First heard of him on the jazz music station on cable.

What a great thread to promote motivation to order his other 3 discs. I doubt if any stores has anything of his in stock. Interested, go to Barnes and Noble for samples, then place your order.
Eldulcesol, thanks to you for introducing me to Denny's music. BTW, you really have to get "Moving Pictures"
Talk about versatility !!.....I think this one's my fave.
Rx8man, I already did. I will say it again, his music does enhance the sound system quit well. Looking forward to getting them along with the Nick Colionne as well.

This thread is great. Talked about Brian Hughes last week. Denny J. this week. If anybody wants to start something next week, please, feel free to do so. Thanks.