anyone heard dc10audio speakers?

I'm most intested in their Berlin II studio monitor, but would like to hear what anyone has to say about any of their products
if the wood on them was any indication of the sound quality it would be a pretty easy decision, wouldn't it?
Yeah there so damn pretty I'm just hoping they sound as good
There are alot of great speakers for around $3500
I would not buy just for looks alone, If the sound is of utmost importance there are many great choices.
the thing is, you don't (have to) end up paying MSRP on these speakers, as they are auctioned off from time to time (as new). and there is considerable technology involved in their manufacture. ALSO, they RELY on the properties of wood and various shapes as it interacts with their choice of drivers and crossovers.
perhaps someday they will catch on (audio show exposure?) and then you will have to pay high prices for them. they should offer a risk-free home audition and drum up some interest and sales, and get someone to write a review about them...
Still like to hear from someone who has listened to them
here is a testimonial for dc10audio larger speaker the instrument 8PS as found on the website.. Someone in Poland just posted that the Berlin minis sounded really great on his $95,000 Audio Note monoblocks.

Testimonials from the dc10 website

I am an Instrument 8 PS owner of about 6 months. These speakers are great. I know I'm not telling you something you don't already know -- they just are. I just left the Capital Audio Fest here in Maryland and listened to several systems and countless speakers and I can honestly say none of the speakers I heard sounded better than my 8PS speakers. I know I'm biased, but I usually leave shows like this wanting to burn (light a match to) my systems when I get home. Not this time. Your speakers are engaging, dynamic and something that I feel proud to own. I'm blown away at times by how good they sound. They look almost as good as they sound, and as you know they look great.

I just wanted you to know that you have a product that I am proud to own. Maybe you should consider showing them to more people like events such as CAF. I will gladly support you and the product in anyway you feel I `would be of the most good. I am a Network Engineer by trade, so I'm not a salesman. I heard a lot of speakers this weekend and mine really sounds better than what I heard. Tidal's 64k speakers and the Revel Studio2 were great, but the 8PS speakers are special.

I did not want to mention this because I know it sounds strange, but this is probably the only speaker that I have been able to feel. It seems there is texture or something tangible to the sounds produced by the speakers. I know it's called "The Instrument", but I wasn't expecting this. I referred to it as special in my previous email. The Revel or Tidal speakers did not have this.

Patrick from Washington, DC
I have the 8ps. They are great of of the box, but after a few months, they are magic. They have a huge sound. I did not pay retail. If you can get a pair for around 5k, you won't be disappointed.
Hudsonpatrick said
I have the 8ps. They are great of of the box, but after a few months, they are magic. They have a huge sound.

What amp are you using and can you provide a little more about the sound and what kinds of music you listen to and what they sound best with? Obviously I'm starving for details...
Re: DC10audio - Instrument 8PS speakers -
I have played both the Jadis JA-80 monoblocks and the VAC 70/70 Renaissance amplifiers. Both with great success. I also had Deja Vu's 2a3 tube amplifier connected and it's amazing what 8-watts stereo could do on those speakers. The more the speakers break-in, the more the list price seems reasonable.
I heard the Berlin's at RMAF and really liked the sound. In a more recent thread, it was mentioned that the tweeter and drivers are made in China and that the base cabinet is available from Parts Express. I looked that up, and sure enough there was the base cabinet for $159. The dimensions were the same. This raised red flags.
Hi, that information was posted by a dc10audio competitor at RMAF and is incorrect. They are mean people!

The drivers are made in France and Denmark. The old Berlin used a base cabinet similar to the PE cabinet possibly even the same maker only we import them this company makes cabinets for Quad, klipsch, and 100's of other brands.

The solid wood baffle and parts are made by us here in the USA. The innovations speak for themselves.

The new Berlin and Berlin R is made from vacuum formed Italian poplar ply built in-house.

Anyone heard their monitors? Namely, the Briton?
Some have claimed there will be phase issues with the horn as bass port.

"Their cabinet will not have a flat FR curve. I will also be out-of-phase. As such, a resonating cabinet will add improper sounds to the room."


You have NOT heard them. The dc10audio speakers are a miracle! I am using the mini Berlin now and it is the best speaker I've ever had and this is the company's "cheap" model. I have big ones on order :)) because the little ones destroyed anything else I've heard including the Voxativ a friend here in the bay brought by which i was told was a miracle..but it's not as the Voxativ has no real bass and the bass that is there is that slow back-loaded horn bass which sounds kinda fake I liked the idea of the Vox but the little titan destroyed them.

The Berlin mini has a huge sound stage and big bass with totally high-end articulation..

Frankly, I still can't believe the sound.

So what were you saying??
I think that there are two types of dc10audio owners out there:

ones that you never hear from like me and people that gush all over the place about there purchase and then there are the critics that have not heard them yet but sure that they are all wrong.

I've owned Berlin studio monitors for nearly two years now after owning speakers from: Avalon (very good), Wilson (yuk), Monitor Audio, Vandersteen, and Harbeth and back in the ugly 1980's a bunch more. PS: I also really still like my Harbeth they are so BBC!

To me the Berlin Studio Monitor beats them all.

How? I don't know how but the sound is very open, relaxed, and big like the best floor stander. I guess I would describe them as nimble They have a HUGE soundstage and though the HF was a little bright at first they have simmered down to pure perfection and the sublime.

I've been reading audiogone for quite a while and don't blog but wanted to blog this.
Count me in Musicmused's camp!

My dc10audio Berlin II Mini Monitors are superb in all respects.

They produce a very life-like sound with all things acoustic - classical, chamber, jazz, R&B, country, blue-grass, etc.

If you're not into those sounds... don't bother... you won't appreciate the refined quality of their sound.
I have owned a pair of the Berlin 2s for about 6 months now. They sit in a medium sized family room and are run on a fairly low end (by Audiogon standards) SET amp that puts out about 10 watts, and reasonably priced, but well selected peripheral equipment. They have turned out to be fabulous speakers and I have zero regrets in purchasing them. I'm listening to an LP of Starker playing Bach solos as I write this; the clarity and especially the tone of the strings is remarkable. They have been very well suited for chamber music and vocal jazz as well. Well recorded stuff like Cassandra Wilson and Diana Krall sound magical through these. With a very small, fast subwoofer included they are equally good with small jazz groups. Again, the clarity and tone of horns is superb. They are simply a pleasure to listen to, and I highly recommend them to anyone with similar tastes in music. It did take quite a while for mine to be made and shipped, but that was the only downside to these. They were extremely well packed. I hope this helps. - Don
The cabinet does not resonate the internal resonator resonates which both helps nullify standing waves and return back energy in the form of efficiency, bass, tone, and texture.


Thank you!


Q (Bernard)

You can upgrade to the Berlin R when space permits!


Thank you.