Anyone heard Davone Ray's or Rithm's?

I'm interested in Davone's line of speakers, but can't find reviews anywhere! They are obviously gorgeous, but how do they sound?
I thought the Ray sounded great at RMAF.

How was the bass from the single driver?
Very good. It's a coax, but it's a big driver and a good-sized cabinet. I think they're wonderful. If I had cash and a place to put 'em, they'd be mine.
I heard the Rays at the Tokyo Int. Audio Show, 2010. As they were set-up, I thought they were the best sounding speakers of the show, bar none, and price irrelevant. Really natural sound. I organized and had a home demo with the local distributor in Japan, but they didn't suit my smallish room and/or system (McIntosh amp) I had at the time so well. I was very disappointed with that, because I knew what the speakers were capable of if set-up right, but wifey wasn't impressed, so no-go. At the show, the speakers were well out in the room, far from walls, if that was a critical factor. I don't know what they were driving them with at the show. The Rays are obviously extremely capable speakers in the right set-up.
I own a pair of the Davone Rays. I've been to a few shows and the setup I heard was bar none my favorite thing I've heard. Not to mention they just look amazing. I love the how much they look about half as much as they sound so I think that's saying something.

I didn't have a dealer anywhere near me so I ordered them straight from the US distributor - The build quality is top notch the stand is solid well built. I'm running them with Kimber KS3035's which I think are a perfect match.