Anyone heard/compared these carts?

Koetsu Rosewood Signature/Urushi
Jan Allaerts MB1B
Sumiko Celebration

Which would you prefer and why?
I've heard the Jan Allaerts and must say that its really fabulous.
These are not exactly comparable cartridges... and I don't know if you're looking for something specific?
I would find the Allaerts the most musically precise (tonal accuracy, relative dynamics, good extension maybe a tad on the light side).
To coin a phrase (or two): The Koetsu has the unique ability to pick up what it can give you beautifully and disregards the rest. Hence, you don't bother about that rest.

I haven't heard the Sumiko in familiar surroundings.
Hi Gregm
Perhaps I should re-phase my question. I currently have the Dynavector Te Kaitora and would like something "different", an alternative view of the music. An "involving" cart, if you like.

I find the DV TK to be very dynamic and able to throw a wide soundstage. Tonally its smooth and able to produce a liquid midrange, not over bloated. Mmm...seems like you've answered my question.

Have you heard both of the Koetsu's? How are they different?
Urushi had more detail -- extension if you will. Rosewood sig was more "romantic" (possibly attributable to more pronounced mids?)
Unfortunately I don't know your Dynavector to compare. Cheers
Hi again Gregm
Hypothetical question. If one desires musical truth, would the Koetsu be considered to be so colored that ultimately it does not satisfy?
I know I'm threading a fine line here, but if you are familar with an LP and know that there is extension and bass punch, but the cart does not reproduce it, that you have this nagging feeling that you're missing something. Or is the mids so voluptous that it differs from a live performance. Something like a 300B tube vs an EL34?
Pls excuse the comparison, I know this isn't exactly the best way to describe a cartridge but I don't have any basis for comparison yet, so any help is appreciated.
What's the tonearm and phono stage you plan to use? Koetsu is never lacking in 'audiophile' quality, but what it can bring, further, is a 'magical' musicality so hard to duplicate by other cartridges. I have the 'other cartridge' set up, but in direct comparison in my system, anybody would've pick the Koetsu, as music just flows out. It is pointless to worry and listen to 'audiophile quality' when the music just mesmerizes.

Urushi is quite a bit better than RS, in fact, I prefer it over Onyx.

The reason I mentioned phono stage and tonearm because Koetsu seems to work with most tonearm, very rarely there is any compatibility, but can't say that to other cartridge. Regardless of using RB300 or SMEV, the Koetsu always sounds like a Koetsu. However, phono stage is very important, as it could very well be a limiting factor, if you have the better cartridge, but not a good performing phono, the upgrade effort is not worth while.

I am not affiliated with Koetsu, but own/owned various Koetsu, and other cartridges over the years. My ultimate cartridge purchase would be an Urushi Platinum.
Hi Extremephono
The arm is the Kuzma Reference, effective wt 13g, I think would not be a problem with the 11.5-12g wt of the Urushi.

Phono is the Herron mc, which has 66db gain, enough for most, except the lowest output mcs. Only concern is that the Herron loading is recommended at 47K. Although one review I've read also gets good results with an Airtight phono loaded at 47K(see link). How do you load your Koetsu?

I'll do some auditioning to provide more clarity.
BTW, if you had a choice between the different Urushi finishes, which would you prefer? Wajima, Tsugaru or Vermillion?
Hi Cmk -- No, I can't bring myself to say the Koetsu is "coloured" because it is very "magically musical" as extremephono put it... So, is it musical truth??
I don't know, but I can sit back & enjoy myself listening to a big Koetsu w/out bothering about details that may be missing.

An Insider or a Colibri (to choose models not on your list) reproduce more of what is on the LP (i.e., the recording -- however close or far away that may be from the actual musical event being reproduced). So "closer" to the recording...

BTW, you understand that this is a very personal take. I am very familiar with the products but, at least, there's no "pride of ownership" affecting what I say :)!
Gregm & Extremephono
Thanks for the inputs. I arranging to listen to the Urushi with my phono before deciding. I had the opportunity to listen to the Allaerts and find it to be as you put it "musically precise". There was a slight emphasis to the mids, especially vocals, with excellent separation and soundstaging.

The search continues...