Anyone heard Clearaudio Maestro MM Wood Body???

Hi all...

I currently have the Clearaudio Virtuoso Mk2 MM Wood Body
and am happy with it...but what about the Maestro...comparisons,
or straight impressions on the Maestro? Thanks.
I was at the Clearaudio dealer shop today. The shop owner told me to get the Maestro wood instead of Virtuso, She told me she did the A/B comparison and it's a big step jump between the 2. But I didn't try this out.
I had the Virtuoso which killed the Grado Reference Master, now I have had the Maestro for 2 years. It is much better than the Virtusos Wood.

In fact I dare anyone to find a better MM cartridge. I would be interested if there is such a cartridge.
Dear Rbeich: You already have two right answers about where I certainly agree.

regards and enjoy the music.
Clearly the best MM out there, bar none, IMHO!
I will agree with all of the above - have had this cart for 1 yr, as per Raul one of the best.
Bruce -