Anyone heard Christian Scott, new trumpeter?

I just bought my third CD by 23 year old trumpeter Christian Scott. Hard to categorize non-derivative jazz/fusion/funk - modern and powerful. His Live at Newport just came out last week - has couple of good promo clips on youtube:
After seeing your post I ordered his CD "Anthem". It was delivered last week and I listened to it for the first time over the weekend. I really like Trumpet led jazz and have a big collection of releases by Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis, Kenny Wheeler, Terence Blanchard, and many others. For anyone who is like me, you need to pick up Anthem. He has an original take on Jazz Trumpet . . . a great CD.

I also just ordered Live and Newport.
I have his Anthem and Rewind That cd. Both are great cds, well recorded and top notch performance. If you want to show off your system, put Like That on and sit back and smile.

I too will have to order Live and Newport.