Anyone heard AVM players v/s modded Shanling?

I have a friend who has both a Shanling CDT100 in stock form and an AVM Evolution2(german cd player imported by hifi farm-I think retails for aprox 3k)and is considering upgrading. He like them both, but is curious about selling the AVM and using $$$to upgrade the Shanling. Has anyone had any experience with both players and more importantly, does anyone know much about what the AVM would bring on used market-nothing comes up in a search on agon regarding the avm. Thanks for any help...
I have a modded Shanling CDT100 in my system and it sounds fantastic. I would recommend you friend to upgrade his Shanling. The Shanling is a conversation piece in my system and is on display on the top shelf. Reference Audio Mods did the upgrade to my Shanling and I would recommend them. Sorry, I have no experience with the AVM.
I previously had an AVM CD-Player for several days in my system. the build quality is exceptional good. the sound is very analytical, fast and transparent. Compared to the Shanling its much more technical. The Shanling lacks the speed and resolution of the AVM. Hope this helps.