Anyone heard any new Von Schweikert speakers?

I currently own a pair of VR 3 speakers, which I like very much, but I would like to upgrade. I am thinking about purchasing a pair of VR 3.5 speakers or VR 4 Gen. III speakers, but I have not heard them yet. Can anyone offer any first hand knowledge about these new speakers from Von Schweikert? Should I upgrade to either pair?
The VR 3.5(I am a dealer) is going to me more articualte than the 3 and you will not have the ringing problem caused by the allunimum tweeter.There are only a couple of pair left and they are being discontinued.The VR 4 gen III is no longer made.Only the VR 4Gen III HSE is made and is probably the best deal out there in speakers.In my opinion they sound better than his VR7s at a third of the cost.
I've had a pair of VR4 Gen III's since March & posted a review here. I'll put the link in but if you want to search for other reviews here, just go to the right side of the home page (Site Map) & under Learn, there is a link to Product Reviews.

The only thing I've changed since the review is the PC to the CDP.

Another option since only the SE is available for the VR4Gen III's is buy an older pair of 4's & have them upgraded at the factory. I believe the price is $2500.00, so if you can snag a set for 2k or less, you'll be ahead of the game.
I heard the new VR-4 SE's last night and they may just be Albert's best speaker ever at any price!