Anyone heard Amber 70 amps as Mono pairs?

Love my Amber 70 amp- there is one blurb online that says they were "too sensitive" in paired mono...would love to try this, but would love opinions from those who may have tried this or heard them in this way....if indeed this is not a good configuration (they have a stereo/Mono switch in back) I would possibly put the money elsewhere. Thanks in advance.

P.S. I have a Mac 2200 that has mono switch too...anyone heard that amp in mono pairs?
I have one Amber series 70 amp I also read this "too sensitive" I have no idea what this really means? I would gather that at the price there going for on Ebay and the Gon why not try,if you run into a problem just sell it. I love the simple design and the amp for it's time and even now is built very well and with it's tube like sound. If you do mono please let us know the outcome.
OK, it took me awhile to get to this point, but I have arrived.
I am currently listening to two Amber Stereo 70 amps in mono "mode" and they are stunning. I think I know why there is little to no info on this config. because those that have tried it just passed away with a grin on their face. Try it, I'm not kidding.
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