Anyone heard Acoustic Zen "Absolute" Power cord?

New cord from Acoustic Zen. Anyone compare to Gargantua?
I've used acoustic zen cables for a while now. And I can say that anything Robert Lee makes is probably very good. But lately I've heard a lot of buzz about Grover Huffman. He makes cables and sells only directly to customers. Click on the link below and it will take you to a review, of sorts, about his cables. Yes the prices are low but the sound is reputed to be remarkable!

Some die hard AZ fanatics with complete AZ cabling for everythng have switched to Grover's cables. Worth a look. After all, Robert Lee started as a "little known" also!
Stew3859, I wrote a reveiw here on the GON about the the new AZ Absolute ICs and speaker wire and found both to be quite terrific in my system. My hunch is that the new ABSOLUTE PC would out perform the Gargantua by the same percent that the wires out performed the older models in the AZ stable and is worth at least a home audtion. Hope this helps.