Anyone heard ACI Force Subs ?

I am looking for a pair of small subs that do double duty for music and ht well, the ACI Force sub looks very interesting, has anyone heard them yet ? thanks all
Yep, been listening to one for about three months now. It actually belongs to a friend but I've been using it as he does not have the rest of his system yet.
The Force is a terrific sub. I auditioned many subs in my quest before finally settling on a Titan II LE. I've been very happy with that. The Force sounds virtually identical. The only differences appear when you go real loud. Actually I'm amazed at how the Force will really keep up with the Titan. I've actually been using them as a stereo pair, they sound so much the same. Were I to do it over again, I'd buy a pair of Force instead of the single Titan.
I'm listening to one right now. wonderful little sub. Very musical and surprising output for it's small size. Same electronics package as he larger Titan II. I also own a pair of Titan IIs in a different room. I'll say the Force sounds pretty much identical, just doesn';t get quite as loud, but pretty close!