Anyone heard about the new Mcintosh MC2301's?

I'm putting my name on the list for the new MC2301 mono tube amps from Mcintosh. just wondering what the word is on them from people who keep up with this more than I.
hellooooo!nobody can answer about synergy McIntosh 2301 with Tannoy Westminsters?
Well I can answer myself,yes awesome combo that it is,sounds powerfull and musical,huge 3d soundstage,great resolution with awesome dynamics and it has big reserves for unexpected dynamic pasages.I am loving the sound&look.
I, too, drive the Tannoy Westminster Royal GRs with the MC2301 monoblocks. Yes, it is horsepower overkill, but the combination is surreal! Dead-quiet, and so, so resolving! The low noise and zero distortion of these amps mate very well with the 99db efficient Tannoys!