Anyone heard about B&W revamping their 800 series

The 600 series evolved from S2 into the S3 variety. The CDMNT series evolved into the 700 series. Anyone heard about anything happening to the 800 series? Thanks William.
Yes, they are supposed to revamp the whole line. It will supposedly be a lot closer to the signature line. Similar to what happened when they changed from the CDM line to the 700 series. The 700 series moved a lot closer in performance to the 800 line than I think most people thought it would.
Anything you hear on this subject is pure bs. B&W does not leak any info on future product. One day it will be available. That is as true of an answer as can be said.

Anybody gives a different answer is mfg. bs or repeating someone elses bs.

We will have to wait and see.
"Anything you hear on this subject is pure bs. B&W does not leak any info on future product." Sure they do leak - e.g. to their dealers. One example of their upgrade for the 800 series is their including of the best Mundorf-parts for their crossovers.
hassel you are wrong. A friend of mine is a dealer. Has been a B&W dealer for around 20 years. He told me b&w leaks nothing. He said the way it works is one day he gets an email announcing a new model. A couple of days after that he gets the new literature. That is B&W's way.
BTW Hassel, why if they were going to release inf about new stuff wouldn't it be on there web site?

I think you need think about this some more. Do you really think that as big as B&W is, as many people that they employ, that not even one would mention "off the cuff" to someone else (friend, etc.)that a change is going to occur.

If they don't, then they are even more secretive than the CIA.

your dealer-friend may not know, my info comes from AT Trade, the B&W-general importer for Russia. The person I spoke to was invited, as every year, to B&W in England. In addition, I have spoken to Raimund Mundorf himself, who had B&W representatives coming over to Germany, and himself going to B&W. A whole department of B&W engineers is involved in revamping the 800 series.
Any idea when (approximately) the new/revamped series will be available?
B&W is planning the release for 2005