Anyone heard about

A relatively new material made of pure carbon. Wondering if it might find uses in the audiophile world?
Just speculation on my part but maybe in circuits, speaker drivers (cones or some kind of film), cables? Supposedly conducts current as well as copper.
Would like to hear opinions or speculation, especially from those who know more about this stuff than me (minimal).
Flawless diamond is pure carbon.
It's a Gryphon material that has parameters close to super-conductivity. You can wiki- it.
The large downside of this material that it can't be used as semi-conductor which would limit its applications in the world of audio and electronics.
Do you mean graphene? See:

As for live applications in audio, such as ultrarigid and superlight speaker membranes, ultracapacitors, and so on.... We might have to wait a spell. G.
Yes, Graphene, which was originally in the title of this post but for some reason disappeared. I thought it fascinating and wondered if it might have uses in audio. All hypothetical at this point of course.
Many thing "disappear" here!!!!