Anyone heard a K2 HD CD yet?

Sounds promising! What's the verdict so far?
Thanks, I will give it a few more listens.
I've ordered the K2 HD Emerson, Lake and Palmer Greatest Hits (even though I'm not that wild about them) and John Coltranes Winners Circle from Japan just to check them out.
There currently is a very slim selection of the K2 HD CDs available.
Sounds like a very promising technology that improves CD sound quality, especially in the ambiance of upper registers although I'll reserve opinion until I actually hear them.
rja - sounds like a good idea to wait for judgement - here is the link of a review of the process

another promise of mecca - which im sure will all rave about for 6 months until we realize we can still enjoy music being played without this process be implemented.

New techniques that have potential to improve redbook sonics is always exciting. On paper it all sounds promising. Unfortunately the promise can turn to disappointment quickly.
i own the k2 hd sampler. i compared the sampler to 4 "originals", including the symphonic dances, carmen suite xcpts, 4 seasons and the pachelbel. as preference for sound is subjective i decided to allow 3 of my audio buddies to sit with me as i did the a/b tests. the k2 hd was preferred for the pachelbel, but not for the other three selections.

as has been the case before, the superiority of one recording technique is disc dependent.