Anyone heard a C.J..Revolution 2000 ?

Has anyone heard or have any experiance with the C.J. Revolution 2000 Tube Amp? Thats all I know about it is that it is pretty large and heavy,and suppost to have a tube sound. I would appreciate any input I can get on it so thank you ahead of time.
Thats C.J.Evolution. Oops! Sorry.
Search past threads -- there should be a few on this amp;>)
This one have been produced between 1990 and 1995, about
i am the owner of a cj evolution 2000 and it is the better world between SS AMP and TUBES AMP
bass performance is also very good close to the krell in some departement but the amp is a bit slow (like a classe A amp)
tubes are in the input and last a long time the amp got some mosfet transistors so the sound is smooth but the amp is running hot and could drive difficult load with finesse
it is a kind of muscle amp with a very delicate sound that i believe is better then the SS AMP of CJ but lesser then the PREMIER SERIE
i would recommand this purchase even if it is a very underated amplifiers.....
It's not for everyone but i love this sleeper also matched with a tube preamp like a Conrad Johnson Premier ten get ready to enjoy sweet music if it's noise that you want forget this amplifier it's almost 20 years old and still today at least for me it's still a very good amplifier like rocc1007 says and he is right on the button the amp is a bit slow (like a classe A amp) but that's what i like about it very close to Classe pure class A designs BUT more powerfull