Anyone heard a Belles 400-A amp?

I have a chance to buy a used Belles amp and pre amp,,,,they look so good, sound good, but I cant find anything about them...I know David Belles created them, but that is all I can find? Anything out there? Jack
Why not ask Dave Belles? Look up Power Modules under Manufacturers on this site.
Yes, I have one and although I have a lot of stuff listed for sale currently, my Belles 400A is not. Had mine upgraded by David Belles personally not too long ago(good man). As you may (or may not) recall, the Belles amps created quite a stir in the audiophile press when introduced as something of a new generation of superamp. I believe the 400A was about $1200 new. I do think his amps were and if you can find any (itself an indication) remain solid performers. Perhaps he is better known for his amps than his preamps I would say. His new creations are the OCM amps.
I have a BELLES 450 amp which I would not part with either. I asked my dealer about wanting to upgrade my system.HE told me the BELLES 450 IS RIGHT UP THERE with amps costing 3000.00 dollars. he suggested other upgrades and to stay with my BELLES 450.I DO need a copy of the owners manual for my amp.IF anyone could help me out please contact me atif