Anyone hear Vivid Audio Speakers? Considering Vivid Giya G1 Series 2 from Magico S5 MKII

Have new pair of Magico S5 MK II and have had Magico for a long time. I love them but considering trying either Giya G1 Series 2 or YG Acoustics Hailey 2.2 from my Magico's. Curious to hear from anyone that has head 
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Its not "someone", it is you I am mocking. and that is not for not being able to afford not-that-expensive loudspeakers, but for pretending you can. 

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The A3 is nice little entry level speaker to give a person a taste of their build and a glimpse into their sound but this brand makes its bones with its M Series. The entry speaker to their sound is really the S5 MKII although many folks seem to like the S3 MKII but I wasn’t a huge fan but I certainly respected them but the A3 is not respective of their house sound. Their MK II series really took a big old step forward. I’m working toward pulling the trigger on a pair Rockport Cygnus myself but the S5 MKII is a very nice speaker. There are a lot of great speakers out there today for sure but Harbeth certainly is not one of them. I get it some people love listening to Jazz and vocals on Vinyl with their tube amps which is fine “yawn”. Sorry Im not judging but I find Harbeth to be a boring, colored speaker but in fairness to Harbeth they are just are not made to be perform like a Magico, Rockport, Vivid, TAD, YG, Marten, etc. but each their own.
Oh no, you pissed off the professor and his gang, you are in trouble now ;)

The Rockport are nice, keep us update on the comparison
But every time I’m ready to jump to Rockport I think maybe a pair of REL 212/SE or Carbons should be inserted first. Hmm decisions... I thought I was set to go with Vivid G1 Series 2 and my wife would have absolutely no part of it. It’s funny because she understands my Audio hobby and endures it but she would have no part of the Vivids... None Audiophile’s just can’t stand Vivids. Too bad because they sound awesome!