Anyone hear Vivid Audio Speakers? Considering Vivid Giya G1 Series 2 from Magico S5 MKII

Have new pair of Magico S5 MK II and have had Magico for a long time. I love them but considering trying either Giya G1 Series 2 or YG Acoustics Hailey 2.2 from my Magico's. Curious to hear from anyone that has head 
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I did not know they had durability issues. That is the last thing i want to deal with. 
Don't get me wrong I love my Magico's but I do find that when listening to friends systems they are not the most dynamic speaker and even so at lower volumes as well. They are a bit restrained compared to other top notch speakers but then on the trade off front do other things better so its never easy.. 

I have owned Magico's for a long time and the S5 MK I for years before these so trust me I get Magico's and their sealed cab bass and love them and love how tuneful and accurate it is but there are other speakers that are in a similar range that have better bass and are more dynamic and more vibrant and impactful even at lower, normal volumes.

Now I am going to talk out of both sides of my mouth here because I love my Magico's and am not complaining about them but sort thinking about making a change for a speaker that has similar resolution and low distortion and the great beauty these provide but maybe that is a little less retained and more vibrant and dynamic with more impactful bass.

I have tried many different really good amps and even with the MK II I have been fortune to hear them with some really good amps and its not how they are driven. I actually now own a amp that controls them the best for any Magico I have owned and am really happy with it but thinking about maybe a speaker than will approach it with a little umpth and heft.

Now because I really do love Magico and these speakers I am now considering REL Carbon Limited Subs on here for sale. I love REL because I find their speakerOn so much easier to blend and was thinking these might up the dynamics and bass I am craving.  

Also, with the Vivid Audio G1 Series 2 which in fairness to the S5 MK II is quite a bit more money (I am buying for close to S5 MKII money so that is kind of making me think on it) but still these speakers should probably be fairly compared to the Magico M3. That there is my thinking that these should be a legit upgrade but my problem is they are but ugly - sort of awful actually but if they sound as great as they say I don't really care that much and they look awesome from the side but horrible from the front.

What do you think. These two options below will cost right about the same money, almost anyways. 

Vivid Audio Giya G1 Series 2
Magico S5 MKII and a pair of REL Carbon Limited Subs?[email protected]/33437213888/in/album-72157703903079062/[email protected]/47312909241/in/album-72157703903079062/[email protected]/47312909231/in/album-72157703903079062/[email protected]/47312909151/in/album-72157703903079062/

No not for that money. I would just upgrade my speakers before spending that much on a Magico sub. Not sure why I would want to chop a full range speaker off at 100hz? I’ve never heard that before? Not even with bookshelf’s never mind a modern full range speaker? I’ll try it though because I’m always open to learning but the math certainly doesn’t seem to work though? 
The A3 is nice little entry level speaker to give a person a taste of their build and a glimpse into their sound but this brand makes its bones with its M Series. The entry speaker to their sound is really the S5 MKII although many folks seem to like the S3 MKII but I wasn’t a huge fan but I certainly respected them but the A3 is not respective of their house sound. Their MK II series really took a big old step forward. I’m working toward pulling the trigger on a pair Rockport Cygnus myself but the S5 MKII is a very nice speaker. There are a lot of great speakers out there today for sure but Harbeth certainly is not one of them. I get it some people love listening to Jazz and vocals on Vinyl with their tube amps which is fine “yawn”. Sorry Im not judging but I find Harbeth to be a boring, colored speaker but in fairness to Harbeth they are just are not made to be perform like a Magico, Rockport, Vivid, TAD, YG, Marten, etc. but each their own.
But every time I’m ready to jump to Rockport I think maybe a pair of REL 212/SE or Carbons should be inserted first. Hmm decisions... I thought I was set to go with Vivid G1 Series 2 and my wife would have absolutely no part of it. It’s funny because she understands my Audio hobby and endures it but she would have no part of the Vivids... None Audiophile’s just can’t stand Vivids. Too bad because they sound awesome!