Anyone hear this new Hafler amp?

Not much info or any reviews on the web.
It is interesting to see a new Hafler amp on the market.  The first mid-fi amp and preamp I ever had was from Hafler in the mid-80's. I had both upgraded by somebody, I forget now, but they were very good products.  I sold them to a friend in the late '80s and he still is very happy with them driving a pair of Vandersteen speakers.  It was great gear and I have no doubt its recent products are even better.  
Looks like the amp keeps getting delayed. I believe it's going to be in the $1200 ballpark. I'm sure the reviews will come once released
If it's going for $1200 the one thing I would be curious about is the power supply for that money. 150 watts into 8 ohms but just 200 into 4 doesn't sound to stout. If you're driving Vandersteens that should be fine but other speakers may present a problem. 
I looked back at your posts and it mentioned Zu Omens if that's still the case my previous post probably doesn't apply.