Anyone hear the SS Paua Mk.II ES yet?

Wondering about it. I know the non-ES Mk.II may still be randomly available at low cost, but I've been curious about what this ES version brings to the table. (no pun intended)
Me too. I spoke with Peter at CAF and he talked about the way the new body style does a better job directing energy away from the stylus tip. I'd be really interested to hear from folks who upgraded within the same model and what they discovered.
I believe that Peter has realized that people also buy with their eyes.  His former cartridge were not the prettiest.  Also, a Mk2 is always a good business strategy to boost sales
I have the Paua mkii. Got the half off deal and if you look hard you will still find it. This is the best cartridge that I have ever owned hands down. I had koetsu's ortofon cadenza bronze. Linn dynavector Benz etc. The ss is dynamic smooth has an amazingly wide and deep soundstage. The voices sound superb compared to the ortofon bronze which had a dry lower treble in my opinion. The rebuild costs $550 so future proof. 
Thanks @sounwatts, although I was asking about the new ES version. In any event, which Benz did you have by comparison, and how does your Paua compare to that?
Benz Glider. It was great. Not in the same league as the SS