Anyone hear the new YBA gear?

YBA has new gear and apparently new distributors in North America. I heard some of their design range and it was really great for the price. I am looking at picking up their new Heritage a100 integrated. Please give me your feedback if you have any experience. Thanks!
It has been a long time since this post, but I also am looking at YBA and had the same question. Did you get any comparative information about old vs new YBA equipment?
Just discovered this thread.

We at are the new US distributors of YBA..and very honored to represent this legendary brand.

We are still building our YBA webpages but lots of information is published.
Glad to hear you there is a US distributor as I am a long time YBA fan. Currently run a Passion integrated, might consider a streaming option in the future.
Not sure what happened to that link above, but this is our "Home" page for YBA with drop-down menus for the various series and a few reviews of "Passion" series designs.