Anyone hear the new Totem "The One" vs Mani 2 sig

I am considering the Totem Mani 2 Sig and I am wondering (aside from bass) if the new Totem Twentieth Anniversary “The One" would be the better speaker in a 12x14 room? I have heard a friends Tabu speakers as well as a pair of Forests and liked them both but there no Totem dealer in my area so I will make this purchase with out an audition. Any feed back would be appreciated
Is "The One" just a tweeked out version of the Model 1? That would appear to be the case based on the physical dimensions and description. What is the MSRP on The One? I have heard both the Mani-2 and Model 1, and for you room size, I would go for the Model 1, as the Mani-2 could over power the room.
According to Stereophile website the cost is $3,500.
I once had a pair of Model One Signature's. They were too small for my room. They imaged extremely well and had other desirable characteristics. When I saw The One promoted on Totem's I had the notion to give them a serious listen. But after I read the cost a line from Elton John's song "The One" came to mind:
"...reality runs up your spine"
They may be wonderful speakers but the reality running up my spine is that they are too expensive. Perhaps there will be a used pair here on Audiogon down the road.
I know this is an old thread but resurrecting it because this is exactly the same question I currently have.

Has anyone compared them in there own system?

I have a pair of the the orig. Totem Model Ones and love them. I personally modified them with some tweaks years ago and they sound great (surprisingly) to a stock pair. They have been in my stable for years and I keep going back to them time after time. I have the bug to improve my system and thinking about "the One" or the Mani-2sig. I can get both for the same very low price. I'm looking for more lows and improved dynamics. Just trying to get an overall improvement from my orig model ones.

I'm currently driving them with a Music Fidelity A5.5 that has 400w@4ohm, 250w@8ohm. The room however is a bit lively 15'x16', vaulted 16' ceiling.

Appreciate any help. Thanks

I just bought last night a pair of Mani Signatures in perfect condition (there beautiful) and have to sadly say there too big for my room and overloading (dam-n it). The person who I bought them from let me go over to his house for a listen and some bourbon, the room was smaller than mine. He also had a pair of Model One sig that we swapped out in his room and the Model One's were better suited than the Mani's in his room & system. He didn't have nearly the power or room size for the mani's.

The Mani's sound incredible as long as the music didn't overload my room, soundstage, transients, speed, bass, stage depth is awesome. I feel very lucky to have these in my home; There world class. I'm listening to them now and I keep having to look to my far left & right of the room because I hear sounds but then realize they are transients of music coming from the speakers.

You do need massive amounts of clean juice. He had an integrated Accuphase E-250 that wasn't nearly powerful enough although it did sound fantastic with certain limited pieces of music. I have a A5.5 and feel I need better power to get the most out of the Mani's

I hate to say it but I would do a straight trade with someone for a pair of nice Totem "The One's" due to my room size.