Anyone hear the new Thiel 2.7 speakers at RMAF?

Any impressions from those who heard the Thiel 2.7s in Denver would be much appreciated. Thx
Yes I listened to them twice and felt they had a lot of potential. Denver Audio Designs had the room sounding quite good. I may audition them again someday at their store to get a better grip on their performance, in a better controlled enviroment. In short they seemed to be very smooth from top to bottom with no coloration jumping out at you. Personnally I think they pulled this off better than the CS3.7's did last year.
Theo...thx for the feedback. Do you remember what source, pre, and amp(s) were used with the 2.7s? Thx
Sorry but I don't for sure. I saw so many rooms and my venture this year was to hear speakers, and some turntables. And after so many room s and a couple weeks, certain details fade into the abyss of darkness AKA memory.
But I do remember the speakers performance as the guy that was with me and I kinda used them as a reference to a few of the speakers we heard after that room. problem. Thx for sharing your thoughts.
I didn't attend RMAF but found the following:

"(Lexington, KY) September 18th, 2012 - THIEL Audio (, winner of over 60 prestigious awards for loudspeaker design and performance since 1978, has announced that the world premier of the CS2.7 loudspeaker will take place at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) 2012 in the Denver Marriott Tech Center October 12-14. The CS2.7 will be demonstrated in two suites-Denver Audio Designs (Suite 9013) in tandem with THIEL's SS2.2 SmartSub® and HEGEL Music Systems press-only suite 8004. HEGEL's public suite (8006) will feature THIEL's flagship CS3.7 loudspeakers. THIEL's Gary Dayton will be onsite answering questions about the new products throughout the show."
Thx Rgd. It looks like the 3.7 was demoed with Hegel. I found Stereophile's commentary on the 2.7 here:’s-new-cs27

It looks like the ancillary equipment was:

The CS2.7s were demmed with Aragon Iridium 400W monoblocks ($7998/pair), an Aragon Sound Stage digital preamp ($4499), an Arcam CD37 SACD/CD player ($2299), an Arcam FMJ D33 D/A processor, and Straight Wire Expressivo interconnects and speaker cables, and Straight Wire Blue Thunder AC cords. The sound of Ryan Adams’ “Dirty Rain” had extended lows, grain-free highs, and superbly stable, well-defined stereo imaging.
I don't know if it was the room or what, but I wasn't impressed at all with these speakers. I heard a Beck track that I know very well off of The Information and it sounded way better at my home with my underpowered 2.4s (Pass INT-30A as the amp). I was honestly very disappointed. I did love the Hegel 3.7 room though.
I just auditioned the CS2.7's, driven by VTL electronics, and quite frankly came away rather disappointed. They do sound quite neutral and on some recordings sound very good indeed. But on complex musical passages the sound became "congested" and lost transparency, as though there was quite a bit of distortion. My gut feeling is the speakers needed more break-in time, although the dealer thought they were mostly broken in.

I also auditioned the CS3.7's in the same room with the same electronics, and they had a very similar tonal quality (not surprising), but sounded more open and transparent, had better sound staging, and never got congested like the 2.7's.
Nice! Cmalak,

very good coverage. I would like a comparison between the CS 2.4 & CS 2.7 speakers. Additionally, I am stoked that Thiel re-designed the CS 1.7 speaker.

Whichever model one chooses, you will need a robust power amp and/or mono blocks, as these things are 'power hungry'.
An update;

I recently compared the CS 2.4SE to the CS 3.7 -

Up next is the comparison between the 2.4SE & CS 2.7 -
Jafant...would appreciate your thoughts/comments once you compare the 2.4SE to the 2.7. Thanks.
But on complex musical passages the sound became "congested" and lost transparency, as though there was quite a bit of distortion.

Some of what you heard could be the preamp. Some preamps can sort out complex passages, most that I have heard cannot.

Happy Listening.
Ok, so any body else get to hear a pair yet and if so, what is your opinion?
Anyone?? No body on this planet?? How about Jupiter Mars or Saturn??? Anyone out there??? Just nod if you can hear me!

hopefully, I will get some demo time w/ the 2.7 in December.
Hi Jafant,

I may end up with a pair tomorrow, we'll see. I guess I will be taking a chance.
No worries.

The 2.4s are very good and the 3.7 is great. These should slide right into the middle. The bass will take a while to break in most likely.
Thanks James,

Looks like I am going for it, wish me luck! :o)


Got a new pair of 2.7's and although right out of the box I
can tell they need major break in time of coarse, but they
just sound so live & open & detailed, with unreal imaging
and are so open sounding they just fill the room no matter
where you are, sitting, standing etc. They are going to be
so musical. When able, the search for the best amp I can
afford for them will begin. But, believe it or not they
sound pretty damn good with just my Jolida 1501 BRC.
Glad you like them. They say about 200 hours for break in. I bought my 2.4s used and they never change in sound quality.