Anyone Hear the New Nautilus 800 Yet?

There's alot of "buzz" starting up and alot of hearsay and second hand comments. I know of several dealers with the speakers now on order, including my local dealer, however I don't know anyone who has heard them.

Has anyone heard the new B&W Signature 800 Nautilus yet, first hand. What were your impressions, and what type of electronics were used?

I holding off a speaker upgrade until I can include these in my evaluation. (Eidelons are my current front runner.)

Thanks in advance.
Not Bad.They were with Burmester electronics.It was a quick audition without my music.
Sorry I haven't but am planning to get them if they are better than the 801's haven't heard about Eidelons, Please tell me about them.

Go to this Web page,, and scroll to the bottom to the GRANITE "Copernicus" speakers. I have never heard them, but I know of Stephan Sank, the creator of them. $4500 and claims, "I feel very, very confident in saying that these are better speakers than anything we have yet heard (including the B&W 800($15,000) and 801($6500), any of the Apogee's($2-8000) or the Italian Diapason's ($1500-$4700), to name a few.".
I have heard them at Definitive Audio in Bellevue, WA.
I was very impressed with their sound, even though at the time they were being driven by Proceed amplifiers (not my idea of great amps).
Two audiphile friends of mine auditioned them several times and heard them with better electronics (Levinson 436, Linn Klimax) and were also very impressed--one of my friends is buying them!
I thought they easily bested the Revel Salons which are comparably priced.
Craig Zastera
Your response had NOTHING to do with the topic.
i agree with craig that they were better than the salons but i would also point out that they are somewhat bass shy for this price range. they are -3db at 32hz and -6db at 25hz. compared to other contenders in this price range such as the watt/puppy 6, sonus fabre amati, and the avalon eidolons the b&w n800 are about 1/2 an octave short. in a subwoofer based system this is not an issue. but for $20k it should be full range.

the n801 (-3db at 29hz and -6db at 23hz) was criticized for having boomey bass in many rooms so b&w reduced the bass output on the n800. there are other changes/improvements in the n800 but the bass extension is significant.

all these speakers are excellent. it comes down to personal taste. although i prefer my watt/puppy 6s to the n800 you may not.
Thanks to the field for the comments. The comments on Base Extension make a lot of sense based upon my experience with my N802s. I may, in fact, consider a pair of Rels (I use one now) if the remainder of the frequency range and sonics are good enough.

Nealvb: If you have a chance to listen to Avalon Eidelons, you will likely be impressed. To my ears, they are extraordinarily musical, with good (not great) dynamics, an excellent full range, and mind boggling sounstaging in the right room. It is relatively room and electronics critical, however. I love B&W Nautilus speakers, but have to say that they (801-805) are not in the same league as this speaker. The N800s should be interesting, though.

If the Eidelon is too pricey, try the Avalon Opus. They give you a great deal of the Eidelon, but are more equipment and room tolerant.

The B&W 800s still have the British sound. Still a bit too colored in the mids and rounded on the bottom end. Not my cup. I thought the dynamics were a bit slow. But I did hear it with Audio Research tube gear, so would have to audition with solid state gear.