Anyone Hear the New JBL L100 Speakers?

I'm a long time member that downsized to a smaller listening room a couple years ago. I currently have a McIntosh amp and preamp and Focal Electra Be 1008 Two way speakers on Target stands filled with 10 lbs. of lead shot.
     I enjoy the speakers but seem to be missing the lower notes a three way speaker provides. Before I downsized I had Focal Electra Be 927 three way speakers that simply had superb fidelity and seemingly captured every note with ease. 
    Thinking of maybe changing to the JBLs if they have more dynamics than U currently have.
Your Mac equipment is gonna love the JBLs as much as my Marantz gear does. In fact, just about any decent amp will love them. 

I went from a two way monitor to the JBL 4319 and there is no doubt that that 12" bass driver will change your entire perspective and appreciation of those lower notes that only a larger driver can do justice to.

Having said that, the JBL L100s came out a year after I got my 4319s and for awhile they sold for the same price. Now you can get the 4319s for $2500 and that is one of the bargains of the century. I just ordered some Isoacoustic Oreas to try out from Music Direct (which is where I got my JBLs and Marantz gear from) and I asked them about the two speakers and if the L100 was really any better, since I've started to lean that way, and was told it would be more of a sideways move having more to do with taste and preference, so I'm sticking with my 4319 monitors.

Try to see if you can audition these speakers before buying and you'll be glad you did.

All the best,
Music Direct had a demo pair of the L100 Classic speakers with blue grill for $2500.00. I wanted to pull the trigger so badly but I have my daughters wedding to pay for in November so I have passed on them, for now. I think it would be fun to put them into my secondary system for a change of pace and my McIntosh 200wpc MA6600 Integrated should drive them quite well. I want to compare them to the GE Triton Ones I am using in that system now. I have Heard the speakers and if you ever heard the original JBL L100 speaker, it is a more refined sound that has that JBL jump factor. That white 12” pulp woofer can really move a lot of air! To me it would be a no brainer.
I had the originals back in the late 70s, sold them when I moved from NYC to San Fran.  Bought a pair of the new ones last year, for a third system, and I do love them, again.  Other speakers are VS Unifield 3 Mk2, and Vandy 5A.  I love all of these speakers.  No regrets.   None.  
Many thanks for the feedback guys. I'm looking for a local dealer here in the Phoenix area to get a pair of L100s to audition. 
I literally thought I was reading a post I never wrote.  I too had the Focal Be 1008 on stand with lead shot. Then I added two Rel subs in stereo configuration last week.  It helped but didn’t sound completely natural. I picked up a pair of L100 for my gym yesterday, thought why not test them first in my office system where I have my Focal.  What I can tell you from my one day of listening to them is your gonna miss the analytical detail the Focal brings.  That beryllium tweeter is just so good.  On the flip side, the L100 were so much fun I quickly forgot about it and just enjoyed the music. Size does matter, and the pulp cone woofer does not disappoint. 
I’m pretty sure I’m keeping them right where they are. Not sure if I’ll sell the Focal just yet...

 Currently driving them with a Primaluna EVO300 integrated. Hugo MScaler and TT2 DAC combo. I have a McIntosh MAC7200 coming Monday that will feed them 200wpc I will be testing out. I’ll keep you updated.