Anyone hear the new C.A.T. Legend pre at the CES?

Did anyone attending the show hear the new C.A.T. Legend pre-amp.I saw a picture of it on the stereophile website but no mention of what it sounded like.
I did not go to the show but I spoke with a dealer today, whom I know to be very reliable, and asked him if he heard the Legend while he was in Las Vegas and he said that it was the best sound that he heard at the show. It appears that some dealers have a waiting list already and you may have to wait a few months to be able to purchase one. Just my $0.02 worth.
I heard it. Ken Stevens was using it with a JL2 Signature Mk II and Ascendo loudspeakers. I don't recall the digital source. Considering the abysmal room acoustics I thought it sounded excellent. Had a great time; Ken's an interesting, nice fellow.
Thank you bugman,that is very helpful.
Regards Robert
Thanks for the information,Bugman is Essentialaudio the dealer you were refering to or someone else.Thanks
No, I spoke with Galen Carol of TX. Website is I am going to audition a new VTL phono stage coming out in April before I decide to sell my CAT Ultimate and move up to the Legend. I heard this VTL phono stage in the Brooks Berdan room at the LA Audiophile show in June and it was extreemly quiet and good sounding but I want to hear the finished product before purchasing.