Anyone hear the new Audio Research DS225 pwr amp?

I've noticed that ARC has discontinued the SD135 and replaced it with the new DS225. Anyone heard one? Does this new power amp sound better that the SD135 or the DSi200 integrated?
I have heard it at my dealers but can't pass judgement on it yet. He has offered me to bring it home to campare to my MC402, but I won't do that as I can't afford to trade even if I liked it better. And I really haven't heard it in a comparison to anything other than the tube amps. But I did like it's sound through the Wilson Sophia 2's. It makes me wonder what it would do in my system. I would say it is sure worth your investment in looking at it.
5560 ... I'm in the same boat with the DS450 . I have not been able to hear one or find a review . I'm very sceptical , the price is low , for 450 watts , and these are digital amps . Although A.R.C. has been doing digital longer than anyone .
I have the AR LS-27 and D-450 combo and am enjoying them greatly.FYI they are not digital, but class D analog( same thing I have noticed in latest Mark Levinson's TOL amp). The D-450 is so transparent it takes on the sound of my tube pre-amp and drives my Sophia IIIs sublimely.