anyone hear the levinson 436's or 432 yet


I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on the levinson 436's or 432 amps.

I love my Levinson 436's.
I love my 436's also...However the things get awful hot of mine will go into thermal protection if I really get the system going. There is suppossed to be a fix for this that the dealer can do but I don't trust my dealer to do it. so I'd have to send it to Madrigal to get done & I just haven't had the time to do it. I think its some kind of modification to the fan or something...anyone know about this? Also, how has your follow up been with you dealer after you bought your equipment? Mine stinks,
they never know about updates or anything. I've purchased quite a bit of Madrigal gear from my dealer including the 436's a No.40 & revel speakers...
i have just auditioned both today. the 436 is by far more superior. more focus and detail. very impactful and you can feel the emotion of the music. bass is solid and stylish. midrange is warm and high end is effortless.
just interested to know how other people compare the 436 with 33H. i audition the 436/432 today using amati. i also audition B&W N800 seperately today. I like N800 better than the Amati.but am interested to know is it a good match between 436 and B&W N800. And if 33H will drive better N800 even better?
My Levinson 46's have never really heated up on me. If heat is an
issue, you'll find that many amplifiers in their category run much
hotter than they.
I bought a pair of 436's a couple of months ago and they dropped my jaw when I put them in my system. I did an A/B with the 336 and the 436's were clearly more open and organic than the 336 and yet still had better bass authority. I also compared them against the 432 and I would agree with you that the 436's are a clear improvement. The soundstage on the 436s is on the order of a football field and the warm, open midrange is goose bump inducing - very much like some of the high end tube equipment I've heard. On vocals and piano recordings I've played recently, well, let's just say I saw God.
No comparason to the 33h's
I got to try a Bryston 4BSST against one at the store. Same speakers, preamp, source and cable (which may,or may not, be the best way to hear a Bryston). I was amazed that the SST was able to keep up quite handily to the Levinson.

The Levinson (as might be expected) was slightly more refined on top, triangle and bells were more delicate sounding and had better accustic fade. But...the Bryston had more flavor in the midrange and seemed slightly "wetter" in sound. The Bryston, in that system, was, in total more musically interesting to listen to. Voices were more human-like. The salesman was standing there looking I did not buy a Levinson amp that day...though I did buy the 390S cd-player as a consolation gift to the salesman...hah! I bought it because it was the best cd-player I ever heard (that included the Wadia in the same room).

For all I know the cabling and speaker was not optimum for the Levinson amps...these things are so hard to know. Synergy trumps price every time.
I have a 432 along with a 32 pre-amp and Wilson Watt/Puppy 6.0's. Although Levinson bashing seems to be gaining in popularity on the net these days, the 432 is one of the finest sounding amps I have ever heard or owned. As an audiophile of over 30 years who has owned everything from McIntosh, to Krell to CJ to Audio Research to Cary, the 432 may be the best sonic bang for the buck ever. I compared with Krell and the usual other high watt solid state suspects and chose the 432. The 436's were recently reviewed in Stereophile and put in Class "A" for whatever thats worth. ML has had some financial problems of late, they have dropped some dealers, let go some employees and generally pissed a few folks off but the gear is as good as ever.