Anyone hear the Eastern Electric Minimax CD player

If so, impressions?
some reviews at audio circle-
Have a look here.
Try here also
I have one and it is amazing for the $1300 price tag. I have 2 other EE components- the amp and the pre which i gave to my son. All these things are beautifully made with automotive car paint and european parts and made in China. This will be the future of high end audio I predict.
The cd player has a killer remote and the frequency extension and soundstage is right up there with my analog rig. It is better than the Audio Note 3.1x but not as good as my DAC 4.1 balanced which you would expect given the huge price difference. The Minimax has a very analogue presentation. I'm truly amazed by the performance at this price just as I am with the other things they make. Real giant killers!