Anyone hear the Class D Audio Mini GaN 5 amp yet?

Looks intriguing but not much out there on it yet so wondering if anyone here has had a chance to hear it or, even better, had a chance to compare it to other amps. Thinking of taking a flier on this amp given the tech and price, but we all know implementation is everything so looking for some real-world impressions before ponying up any dough. Also, please let’s not make this yet another measurement debate — I’m purely interested in sonic impressions here so take your measurement comments elsewhere. Thanks.
I wouldn’t put it that way. I understand the specific design objective was to create a GaN amp which delivers SET-like harmonics (without paying the price of high noise floor and limited dynamics). In my view this has been completely achieved.
The design of the “chip in a tube” amp board may be a matter of taste. But the workmanship and appearance of the unit are quite beautiful.

Re: AGD Class-D
Is it a coincidence that when you put transistors in a glass tube that looks like a electron tube that suddenly the sound is called SET like? As opposed to your typical Spartan Class D amp box that no SET fan in their right mind would ever own, eh?

Yeah that glass tube thing was very very questionable thing to do, but then to the gullible it "could" say it will sound better. Even the designer said it was a bit of a joke when he was interviewed way back on it.

But the worst part of it is that they use the 6550 tube push pin’s and tube socket as the contact making for input, output, power etc, which is just about the worst thing you could do re a good connection for power transferring.
(suppose it will ensure future servicing returns when the contact/s will fail)

Cheers George
Apologies - just realize your question focused on a different amp. Product names seem pretty close.
Still, The Audion, a mini amp :-), is worth a listening.
FYI: The miniGan $699 expired on 6/30, now $749

I read an interesting GaN article in the August issue of MotorTrend: Gallium Tech will shrink your EV Charger and Increase Range
Gallium Tech will shrink your EV Charger and Increase Range
And no doubt make it sound better too.