Anyone hear the Audes Orpheus? Impressions?

If you heard the the Audes Orpheus please let me know how they sound. Strengths, weaknesses, etc.

How far do they need to be from the rear wall?

How is their low end?

How wide a sound stage do they throw?

Thanks much,

I heard them one time about a year ago, but the actual system they were in sucked. I thought at that time that they represeted a good value if you could get 20-30% off the list price. I would have preferred to buy a different brand used if I could get my hands on something else. While I think the speakers were placement friendly, and represented a good value (bang for the buck), my issue was with resale value. There are many good audio components but I just don;t want to be stuck with something that I can not resell for a resonable amount of money to get back my investment.

The speaker was not as open as I would have liked, the mid range was the best feature, bass was deep (in this sucky system not that well defined). The top end seemed a little rolled off but again that could have been the system. Overall I say a soild B rating.

Hope this helps.