Anyone hear the Almarro room at HES 2004?

I was impressed with this room very much, especially for the price of the components. Did anyone else get a chance to listen?
Yes, I listened to the room and was amazed. Apparently so were many of the writers for Stereophile as at least 2 of them pulled me aside and said you need to hear this room. I went before the show opened one morning and listened with no crowds and no noise. At that price, these speakers and that little integrated are going to be tough to beat.
Which part of their product line was on display, making such a fine impression?
I also heard and enjoyed the Almarro room. I also enjoyed the Rethm speakers in the Red Planet Labs room and the Lamm room downstairs was interesting. I liked the Silverline room also.
Their bookself speaker with the single-end integrated amp.
Sound was smooth and amazing.