Anyone hear pass XP27 phono preamp


Anyone hear pass XP27 phono preamp?

I currently have the xp17 but thought separate power supply in xp27 might make big improvement similar to upgrade xp12 to xp22

Very little press on xp27 ....likely will audition just curious anyone try it..
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I am currently auditioning the xp-27 as potential upgrade to xp-17..

It certainly gives you more of everything and clearly better than the already very good xp17....the bass was already excellent and now its sublime....I think midrange improvement obvious too....cannot imagine finding better bass 

The harder question is it as good in midrange as other phono similarly priced.....oddly not many phono preamp with XLR output which my line stage prefers....
@karmapolice , I'm interested in your continued thoughts on the 17 vs 27. I was planning to step up to the 17, partly because the 27 is (to me) quite a bit more money. I know it's a subjective question, but I'd like to know if you think the 27 is so much better than the 17 that you "couldn't go back" to the 17. Or is the improvement more along "if you can afford it you'll appreciate what it can do" as opposed to "find a way to afford it!".

The xp27 has only recently broken in but initial impressions is it takes a excellent system to another level but xp17 is easily enuf unless plan to mate it with other references quality gear....

if I had the xp12 line stage then I would stick with xp17 but since got xp22 now feel xp27 is same level and there is synergy there...

Well, I have a VPI Avenger with various arms and carts and a Pass XP-20. Not sure if the jump to the 27 would get me enough the justify the difference in cost. Kent English and (I'm pretty sure) Desmond own and are quite happy with the 17.
I think mark at renohifi would ship u both to try but agree xp17 is better value
Spend the money on a better cartridge.
Well, I already have a LP-S, an A-95, a SS Sussurro MkII and a Paua MkII ES (and a few other lesser but still enjoyable carts). At the moment I plan to hold off on any additional cart purchasing. :-)
How do you like the A-95 ...I had the A-90 and many records sounded amazing others were very mediocre....I find the lyra kleos and soundsmith hyperion more consistent ....the hyperion has both warmth transparency and favourite so far

A95 supposed to be closer to best of both worlds

Well, my A95 is not yet fully broken in, but I find it to be incredibly resolving, fast, dynamic. It has great "propulsion" I guess I'll call it, great soundstaging, almost tape-like in its musicality. I've never heard the A90 so I can't really compare, but from what I've read I'd say that the A95 may not be as lean as the A90. However, I'm still playing with loading and as I said it doesn't have quite enough time on it. Maybe only about 40 hours. From what I understand it takes something like 100 hours for the A95 to come into its own.

I've heard the Lyra Atlas on a different VPI table from mine, and a Windfeld (it may have been the Ti) on my table and arm with the A95 on a second identical arm on the same table. First things first - to me the Lyra Atlas is the best cart I've ever heard, but by my best comparison I'd say the A95 may have only a very slightly smaller soundstage (but it's still pretty [email protected] huge). The Atlas may also be slightly more organic sounding, but that could be influenced by my A95 being not fully burned in. The A95 / Windfeld comparison was easier and more direct - I found the A95 (this one was burned in) to be more resolving with a more open soundstage, with better timing or pace. There's nothing wrong with the Windfeld, to be sure. It was maybe a bit smoother but I think at the expense of some speed and resolution. Depending on the rest of the system either could work.

Your comment may wind up also being true for the A95, I don't know yet - but I think it won't make poor recordings sound good. It's just about completely neutral and doesn't add anything of its own to what it's pulling off the grooves. Doesn't mean it's cold or sterile, but if there's a poor recording the A95 won't hide it. I have a number of Benz carts, and while none of them (even the LP-S) is as ultimately resolving and transparent as the A95, there's a way Benz carts have of producing music that makes almost everything I play sound good - if not in audiophile terms as good as something like an A95 or an Atlas.